Mutant Outcast Crusties

by Warcorpse

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released April 22, 2014

Artwork by Umiin Berontak



all rights reserved


Warcorpse Greece

Totally untalented one man project using the d-beat raw punk crust noise as a vehicle to express inner fears, thoughts, anger and wrath if is possibe in a few slogan-like lyric lines. Totally DIY home made shit offered for free in bandcamp.Don't take this granted as serious and real shit, it is just a farse and a hoax. enjoy the noize ... more

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Track Name: Nuclear terror
mushroom clouds on the sky
Hiroshima, Nagasaki

Endless disaster in paradise
Moruroa, Bikini Island

Unseen death rides the skies
Chernobyl, 3 Mile Island

Apocalypse in the east
Fukushima, what's next?

A song about nuclear power and some incidents when it showed its disastrous force, we don't need this shit, when there is something good from its use, on the other hand there are many negative aspects or ways of bad use of it. And don't forget that, nowadays every technology is in wrong hands who use it either for their own purpose, profit or even war
Track Name: Iron democracy
a fascist regime born of deceit

born iron democracy

velvet glove on iron fist

born iron democracy

using far right wing agenda

born iron democracy

Hiding their shit with propaganda

born iron democracy

This is a song about the way some conservative governments in Europe use far right wing agenda during the years of crisis just to create scapegoats and to distruct people from the real problems and the reasons that cause it. It's happening in Greece, in Hungary where the almost far right but elected gov. use a rhetoric full of xenophobia, rascism, fear and hate to fool and blind people from their current destructive policy or their financial crimes during the past decades. As aftermath of this political manipulation is the legalization of neo-nazi's pogroms and racist crimes in people's consciousness.
Track Name: Camps of death
Imprisoned for what you are
in camps of death

Exploitation in years of wealth
now in camps of death

Scapegoat in the years of plague
in camps of death

Discriminated, mortified
in camps of death

This is a song about the concentration camps in Greece where people are imprisoned for what they are, not what they have done. Immigrants from Asian and African countries, accused as "illegal", people who ran away trying to find a better future or trying to escape from warzone or tyrant regimes, they are imprisoned for trying to stay alive. Greek gov. received 300 million euro from EU for making these camps and made them the worse way. The immigrants are held in inhuman conditions, statements of ministers of gov and police officials that leaked in recent past, say "make their living a real hell until they ask to send them back to their country" and thats the spirit of this shit while the same time the greek society turns their eyes to the other side in a lethargic apathy, indifference and alienation
Track Name: The years of plague
Misery, pain, chaos, despair
a world in decline

The years of plague
Track Name: Just another war
Syria on fire but nobody cares
its just another war

Women and children suffer in pain
its just another war

Endless slaughter, the innocent die
its just another war

Unheard cries behind the power games
just another war

this is about the civil war in Syria watched from the eyes of innocent civilians and refuges who are caught in the middle of a conflict t. Like so many other cases, Syria is a theatre of tragedy with super powers trying to keep their interests with military invasion when diplomacy doesn't work while religious fanatics bring on the raw, horribe face of war. In such routhless power games, refuges and innocent victims are those who pay the real price amd become another factor in the media games of propaganda.
Track Name: Life is still in misery
Financial enslavement in fear of debt

Life in misery

The poor under siege of neo-liberal policies

Life in misery
Track Name: Nuclear Apocalypse
A blinding shine brighter than a thousand suns

Living the final fear
Nuclear Apocalypse

The cries of pain of millions dying souls

Living the final fear
Nuclear Apocalypse

A self-destructive species extinction nightmare

Living the final fear
Nuclear Apocalypse

Doomsday, the end of mankind

Living the final fear
Nuclear Apocalypse