by Warcorpse

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Doomed and Consumed was supposed to be a split release of Warcorpse and Hagiophobia with two cover songs from each band, two Doom covers by Warcorpse and two Consume covers by Hagiophobia. The plan was scheduled some years ago and changed to only Doomed since Hagiophobia is defunct, bored or whatever and out of action, so here is.


released March 23, 2015



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Warcorpse Greece

Totally untalented one man project using the d-beat raw punk crust noise as a vehicle to express inner fears, thoughts, anger and wrath if is possibe in a few slogan-like lyric lines. Totally DIY home made shit offered for free in bandcamp.Don't take this granted as serious and real shit, it is just a farse and a hoax. enjoy the noize ... more

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Track Name: Lifelock
No one can see into my mind
I can't express my true thoughts to anyone
Life is like a lock on my mind
Is death the only key
Track Name: Police bastard
Big brother's watching you,
Everything you say and do

Living in the shadow of
Their uniform fear.

Police, Police bastard